The project

Since its creation in 1996, Buddha-Bar Paris has been the precursor to a true Art of Living concept with confluent influences from the Pacific Rim. This restaurant-bar-lounge, located on the ultra-chic Faubourg St Honoré, was created thanks to the vision and imagination of its founder Raymond Visan, owner of the famous Barfly in Paris. For 20 years, the Buddha-Bar concept has continued to grow throughout the world. Today there are locations in over 25 countries.

Prod Factory was charged with creating a 3D video for Buddha Bar. A virtual world-tour through some of Buddha Bar’s most iconic locations, we handled the pre-production, creating the iconic architecture in 2D to validate the rendering, we built more than 150 buildings in 3D, we built all the models, did all the texturization, lighting, and animation for each element of the video, as well as all the post-production. The video ran online on all of Buddha Bar’s websites and on TVs on site.